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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning some of the top stories we are following this wednesday, december 5th. for people are injured this morning after a shooting late last night in oakland. we will have a live report coming up.
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>> the golden gate bridge was bearing down on the north bay this morning. we are looking at more rain that will be pouring down pretty song. a lot of the moisture is so off shore. >> we do have some heavy rain right now for san francisco over the bay bridge and even parts of the east bay. we're catching a break for a areas--i do what to let you know that concord and highway 242 into walnut creek is picking up some heavy rain that is indicated by the yellowing on your screen. it is falling down at about 2 tenths of an hour. you should drive with extra caution and you will have to use your windshield wipers. >> daly city is under the
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yellow and there's just some light rain for the mid peninsula. it is currently drive for cupertino and sunnyvale. satellite and radar does show that there is a wider view that is associated with this system. i will have full details for the rest of the bay coming up. >> we are tracking a major hot spot for the east shore freeway. the problem is being compounded. let us talk about that accident were several lanes were blocked here for a while. the chp had to run a traffic break to clear this. this is now backed up beyond highway 4 the drive time
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last check was over 30 minutes. it is now climbing more because there are further problems further down. this accident has just been reported in its blocking at least the back lanes and they will need some help to get this cleared. there is big delays better news for the peninsula. the downed tree that was set this rolled south of highway 92 has now been cleared and the lanes are always open. >> water levels were dangerously high last week in marin county. and unfortunate the water has gone down to a safer level. if continuing our team coverage will turn to kron 4 urs jackie sizzle who joins
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us live from downtown san anselom. >> it is a lot lower this morning that it was our earlier this week. in fact as we take a look at this video when this huge storm blew through the water level was basically right at flood stage. right now on this web site this monitor is the creek levels and that basically was about 4 ft. which is below flood level. this is great news. anytime that you get any type rain people in marin county watches the creek just to make sure that it does not go over period. people really kt an eye on this and this is
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what we are doing this morning. they want to make sure that it is clear and as you can see as long as they can keep this out this is good news. so far this morning it has been ok. there has not been any instructions. >> as you drove through downtown did you see any businesses with sandbags? >> basically, downtown from december to february they have sandbags out. they are in place almost all the time out here. once winterset's end they expect things that happen so they just have them out. >> we are watching what is
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happening in lafayette where there are concerned about the rain. crews a lafayette are concerned about the mass of sinkhole. work crews concentrated yesterday on wrist on the creek flows through the sinkhole. a collapsed storm drain combine with all the rain created a hole on sunday. crews have not been able to find the exact cause for the road collapsing. >> we have an update about a power outage in san rafael. or originally the outage was 1446 customers the outage is now down to 27 customers. pg&e is expecting power to be restored at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. the outage was caused by a broke poll that damaged by the weather conditions this morning. according to pg&e
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there are no other major power outages in the bay area this morning. >> stay with kron4 as we continue to track this new storm front updates are also available on kron4 dock,. >> this took place about 10:20 p.m. last night on 18 ave. this happened in several locations. at 1.1 person was listed in critical condition but bungood nils is being passed the
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state all survived and they should be okay. police are trying to find out whether it was one person who did all the shooting or if it was several others. we are hoping to hear from oakland police department later. >> police in berkeley are investigating the fatal shooting of a female on a bicycle late last night. police say they received a 911 call just after 1130 of a shooting near longfellow middle school. responding officers found a female bicyclist with a gunshot wound, she was pronounced dead on the same. police have not released suspect or motive information. if you are not a fan of the rain it will not last too long. >>
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>> this committee is going from bad to worse. on 1 01 southbound just before cesar chavez there is an accident that is blocking to lanes. there is flooding in the two
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left lanes on paul ave. the inbound has been backed up all the way to octavia street. this is also starting to crawl around the corner leading into 1 01 southbound. we do have continuing major delays for interstate 80. >> drive times are climbing to over 50 minutes. >> we're watching wall street. stocks fell yesterday in light trading. the dow off by 14, stand below the 13,000 mark. the dow is as 19,952. the s&p dropped to and the nasdaq was down 6 to drop below the 3000 mark. however, international stock markets
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are on the rise today, as investors are becoming increasingly convinced that political leaders here in the u.s. will reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. next flicks' has reached a multi-year agreement to show disney movies after they finish their run in theaters. net flics outbid hbo, showtime and current rights holder stars. the deal will allow net slicks' to stream in disney movies over the internet, seven months after they leave theaters. starting in 2016. the financial terms of the deal have not been released. the nation's largest port complex loss angeles and long beach is back in business today. striking clerical workers reached a tentative agreement. the eight day strike prevented
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shippers from delivering goods with slips stacked up off shore. it was estimated that the strike cost the local economy a billion dollars a day. >> as we take a break. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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>> mall come back.along with the there was an accident at silver and there is there recent crash just before cesar chavez is still slowing down the commute. this am bound for weigh is starting to move a little better but it is still slow all the way from octavia street. there is also a report of flooding a rounaround paul ave. there's still a delay on highway 80 in the westbound direction. you can
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see that this stretch is all the way back to the parking this bridge. this is past and now the red goes beyond that accident because there is a crash at berkeley university ave. the drive time is now estimated over 65 minutes for the east shore freeway interstate 80 westbound. the drive time is only 18 minutes on a regular day. this is three times the normal commute. >> we're keeping our eyes on the river and the creek levels. all the river levels are showing up great. there
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are no major concerns for flooding. the monitor stage is about 23 and it may go to 10 ft. letter. we're also watching the napa river and this did not cost too much flooding. we're keeping our eyes on the crude level is around 5 ft.. flood level is not until it reaches 13. if >> mike pelton is liven berkeley. >> there is a pretty good downpour and you can see the rain falling on your screen. it has been doing this all morning long. normally i met
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the berkeley, reyna and you can see san francisco from across the way. it is not so today because it is pitch black. the storm is moving through the bay area and there is not a lot away in the but the water is come and it is just a lot rain that we are same. there is no exaggeration that some of the heaviest forces have been not as bad as what we saw over the weekend. if you are hoping for a nicer day today at least in berkeley is not the case. >> the wins will pick up later on this afternoon and they will be about 10 to 20 mi. per hour. by the time that afternoon will roll around most of the bay area will start to dry out. we
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are looking as storm tracker 4 that is showing all of the yellow. there's some orange here which means there are heavy downpours that are isolated. you can see that 19th avenue are all cuss attending with heavy rain. you will need to use your wind shield wipers and the same advice applies to the mid peninsula periods this starts to break just pass and mattel into the east bay. we are experiencing heavy rain coming down at to tens of--not too bed for highway 4 and most of this rain has pushed its way east. you should expect some light brin >> east oakland is under the gun at which is the heavy rain for park boulevard into
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piedmont. mountain view is not too bed and the same thing goes for sunnyvale. we are contending with heavy rain for the downtown san francisco area. here is a live look as satellite and radar. this is a slow-moving system and we do not really have winds associated with this. this take a look that future cast 4. heavy rain is expected for thebay and the coast line. it's >> by 1:00 p.m. the winds will start to pick up and you could see that the showers will taper off and there will be only partial clearing. it here is a quick look at your afternoon high it is 60 degrees across the bay. if 64 for hayward and 62 for downtown san francisco. drier weather as we head into the weekend. >> san francisco officially
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passes a ban on public nudity. it has subject with a number protest's and some arrests. the board of supervisors voted 6 to 5 last night in favor of the ban. and as we expected, demonstrators at the meeting once again strip off their clothes in protest. sur sheriff's deputies cover them in blue blankets and escorted them out. mayor eddie lee is expected to sign the measure, which is scheduled to go in effect february 1st. >> a man accused of kidnapping, beating, and raping and at risk team is behind bars this morning. 36 year-old gary atkinson is under arrest. he is facing
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multiple felony charges involving an at risk of girl who authorities say, has the mental capacity of a ninth to 12 year old child. the girl was reported missing last tuesday after when iran off from the fred the finch youth center in east oakland. if she was found two days later on a muni train in san francisco. surveillance video from bart was used to identify the suspect officers captured him sunday night. the 16 year-old girl now is back home with her family.
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>> welcome back. we are tracking hot spots. in san francisco you are still looking at slow traffic on the james lick freeway. this is a big improvement. the bottom of your screen as they inbound central freeway which is still slow from octavia street. take a look at the east shore freeway. it is solidly backed up. as you can say it is jammed up from way before. this is because a second accident at pinole valley road. the
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rest of the the shore freeway is slow because of an accident that wasn't berkeley. the drive time is over one hour. >> watching wall street. we're just days away from opening bell. futures still seem to be positive.
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solid read all the way down that means these below 25 mi. power. most of this is a stop in seoul or slow and go traffic. we have also
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reports of accidents we have had south bound 101 on the james lick freeway at the ups building. army cesar chavez. the chp reports that it is for of the right hand lane southbound that are affected. take a look at our camera in san francisco you will see we are still sluggish but must improve now that the accident has cleared--accidents have been cleared from the southbound traffic lanes. >> we are continuing our team coverage of the rain. kron fours will tran has the coverage. >> it is coming down harder than 10 minutes ago james barrett we are in downtown oakland on broadway. look how fast the rain is coming down. it is causing the little river on the side of the road to go rushing down.
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is causing the storm drains to fill up and pulling in the middle of the roadway. you can see the rain or from the left to the right side of your screen. be careful as you are leaving your house. it is not very cold. i have a light shirt underneath my rain slicker. that is 880 northbound traffic well. for be careful if you're heading to the bay bridge that is where we see a major pulp as you get to the toll plaza. we're going to monitor the situation. it is nice in wet weather wet was headed back to a nice try studio. >> it is maybe 60 or 70 degrees in the studio nice and dry. i see your feet. you came out the door pretty there this morning. can you still hear me? >> it would not be too bad
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that my feet started to get wet my stocks got wet now i whipped out the heavy-duty boots. these are great. if you do not have some today's the day for you to rush out and get them. i will step out to show you how fast the water is rushing down the street. it looks like it is not stopping it is starting to come down at around 4:40 a.m.. it has been relentless for the past two hours or so. james have another 1 c. of coffee on me. >> i will. i will think of you. >> good morning erica is monitoring the weather from our studios stang nice and dry. >> good morning james. you consider rance lies in the bay in half. not seen any rain for santa rosa in pelham light rain in the south bay. as we take it to
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san francisco under the yellow heavy rain from masonic avenue 2 market street heading into downtown san francisco. scissor chavez avenue heading out of the city. sunset boulevard contending with heavy downpour. the rain starts to lighten. it will need to use her when she wipers we're catching a bit of a break in concord. light rain for pleasant hill, walnut creek. that will continue to push south and east. as we turn our attention to the east bay piedmont, oakland, emeryville getting heavy rain. for lasalle park will bart and for those of you driving along broadway. in the south bay is not to bad for sunnyvale and santa clara. san jose, cupertino, and los gatos is where we are seeing him rain. that is not as bad as interstate 280
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you may want to consider 101 if you can this morning. looking at your day planner mostly cloudy conditions and some off and on showers as we head into the afternoon. tomorrow looks to be a dry one. a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the '60s. over all quiet weather as we head into the weekend. we have changes to talk about including a warm up full details on what to expect the head coming up in my next report. >> thank you erica. the time now is 6:35. the vote on whether to shut down four fire stations and koch costa county is delayed. fire station no. 12 in martinez is one of the four stations on the chopping block. the fire chief says closing the stations will lead to long are response times. as the failure on of them are valid there are few options left--as the failure of the
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proposition on the november bund ballots. >> the next meeting is set for december 11th. at that point the board will make a final decision on the fate of those four fire stations. >> 3 firefighters were heard responding to a traffic accident in the east bay are out of the hospital and back at home this morning. orinda fire capt michael rattaaey the firefighters kelly morris and a firefighter named steve rogness or spun into a crash on highway 24 in orlando sunday morning when n s u b lost control and ran sacked the road and hit them. the three firefighters are back in recovery. >> watching what is
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happening in washington president obama is meeting with washington to discuss the fiscal cliff. the automatic government spending cuts that will kick in. republicans and the white house sent to have finally found some common ground both sides agreeing that tax revenue and reductions in entitlement spending for programs like medicare are key elements of this bill. republicans may be softening on raising taxes for the wealthy americans. the white house may be bending on accepting greater spending cuts for medicare and possibly raising the medicare retirement age 65 age from 65 to 67. >> thank you mark. we will take a quick break the time is 6:38. we are following the weather. we have quite a bit of rain coming down quite a bit in the bay area
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especially in the east bay. george is following a hot spot in interstate 80, a backup sonically basically from berkeley up to the cartoonist bridge. george will let us know why and what is going (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news starts now. >> thanks for watching kron fours bay area news channel. here are the top stories we're following a man accused of kidnapping, we're following a man accused of kidnapping, beating, risk girl. authorities (car horn) wpaying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings)
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that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. made worse from today's massive rain. a collapse storm drain created the rain. workers say before they can repair the drained and filled a single the pipe needs to be dug out. >> police in berkeley are investigating an accident on tuesday night where a car crashed into the ec market liquor store around 9:30 p.m.. a woman who was shopping was injured and taken to the hospital no word on what caused the driver to lose control. >> three firefighters who were hurt in responding to a traffic accident are out of the hospital and back home. the fire captain and two firefighters were responded
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to a crash on highway 24 in orinda when at issue be lost control on the rain slick road and slammed into the fire engine and hit them. those are a few of the top stories we're following. thank you for watching our 24 area--bay area news channel.
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welcome back the time is 6 :41. the flow of the front page of yesterday's new york post has a lot of people questioning the photographer who took the photo. you can see the headlines read doomed. pushed on the subway track this man is about to die. you can see the picture of the man he has his back to the camera he is desperately calling at a subway platform looking right at the train which is bearing down on him is a terrifying heart wrenching image. this is generating a
6:43 am
lot of criticism for the newspaper that used it on its front page. that is the sensational and york post. a freelance photographer abbasi capt. captured the image is today. imagshortly after the images were caught. the man fell and was hit by the train. he saw the man fall onto the track and ran towards the oncoming train then fired his camera flashed won the driver. he was running and running hoping that the driver could see a flash. he added that that was he was shocked the people closest to the victim in tried to help him in the 22 seconds before the train struck. some critics, however, question abbasi's
6:44 am
motives. why did he not help? what did the newspapers published a photo? >> someone has time to take a picture and not help the poor man that is shameful and disgusting. one person reported in poor discuss details no respect for human life i think the photographer should be ashamed of himself and the newspaper for publishing it. >> another person said wow! are we not desensitized this makes me sick looking from it at my phone. i can only imagine the family feeling towards this! so wrong! so very wrong!. the time is 6: :44
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back to the kron 4 morning news as we continue to track hot spots. the rain has created a number of problems. we have had a
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series of accidents on interstate 80 in the westbound directionwestbound 80e one wilane of traffic is blocked. the commute is 56 minutes. it is slow from san pablo avenue in the westbound direction this is a really tough ride. with the traffic held up of interstate 80 it makes it easier for the ride across the bay bridge. in san francisco there is flooding south bound at paul ave. they have already been two or three accidents to the southbound direction not in connection with the flooding but certainly as a result of the rain. take a look at san francisco is starting to slow again on both the inbound and central the south bound james lick freeway. major delays for your ride here. let us take a look at the commute in the south bay as we head back to the traffic maps and remarkable good commute at
6:49 am
mckee road. it has not done much to slow the north about 101 ride. the marin county ride surprisingly getting away scot-free. no major problems and delays we have not seen much in the wake of major incidents for the southbound 101 ride. the golden gate bridge commute continues to be a light one. although a wet one. south bound no delays across the span and a dry times are under 32 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> good morning let us take it to storm tracker 4 you can see if lit up in fact the heaviest rain sitting of the heart of the bay area. in santa rosa and pelham of the showers have tapered off. take a look at the yellow and orange on your screen over san francisco crossing the bay bridge. it is currently raining along market street downtown san francisco, sunset boulevard, and 19th avenue leaving the city and approaching interstate 280.
6:50 am
it is running around s f o we are seeing delays on arriving flights. heavy rain over interstate 280 and the bayshore freeway as well. a quick sample of the rain fall rate. 3 tenths of an inch per hour around millbrae. the same story in san mateo. we are seeing some heavy rain in the bay area. you can see the yellow on your screen over rendell approaching lafayette. remember this is pushing its way east to moving south. we want to take a look when the heavy rain will hit. you can expect the yellow to hit walnut creek around 7:16 a.m. this morning. it will be a relatively slow-moving system of the heavy rain over the east shore freeway. the, most of oakland. as we turn our attention to the south bay light rain it is more widespread with the heaviest rain reported in san jose. over to futurecast 4 you can see into the 7:00
6:51 am
hour we will contend with pretty heavy downpours. you will need your wench a wiper's later this afternoon the showers will become spotty in nature and will start to taper off. we should be dry in the north bay. we could see partial clearing as we head into 5:00 p.m. rain mainly in the south bay. fanned clear conditions overnight. your temperatures out the door and mild start. 61 for haywood and mountain view. 56 and all out so. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a dry pattern is back in place here in the bay area. expect a mix of sun and clouds. fog will be a story heading into the weekend especially saturday morning. mainly sunny skies for sunday. mild and pleasant conditions in fact a bit more as we get into next week. >> thank you erica watching wall street the dow jones industrial average up almost
6:52 am
42 lbs. picpoints. for a big announcement from city group 11,000 layoffs and branch is closed today. the new ceo michael corbett is trying to put the company in his image. probably downsizing and breaking out emerging markets. with fewer employes in the group is a big banking company the money is not as easy as it the company is cutting 11,000 jobs taking a $1 billion charge. they are basically out about $900 million in profits next year. this was a $3 top 10 to one reverse split they made like $30 stock. bankamerica and wells fargo are up. >> i will go as far to say goldman if you have long-
6:53 am
term patients as a stock guide. this company is making good money. mark and i reported yesterday banking profits are up in the third quarter. in their lending if they're helping the economy that helped the bottom line. >> hiring has started to slow is at the main reason?. 118,000 new jobs added this quarter and the month of november revised 157,000 last month so 110,000 roughly this month. a bad number but hurricane sandy took people often employed like. let us talk about red flags. >> net flics they have a deal with disney seven months after disney movies are out of theaters they will be on net flicks. that would not start to 2016. if you have children you are thrilled. obviously you could put your kids and from that they watch disney movies all day long. >> it is expensive big win for net flicks. stars and
6:54 am
dumped a net flics earlier this year that is part of the reason why next talks fell apart. they will get to watch disney films on that flicks this is a good win because this is the first time they ever got first on the move is a head of hbo and showtime. >> sadly the first thing that popped in my head was with net flics be around in 2016. >> they might be a division of someone else. it is a good company a good product but not very probable. >> we will check back with winners and losers on wall street coming up the 9:15 a.m.. will take a quick break at 6:53. here is a live look for our walnut creek camera you see the wet road ways that is 68 as traffic makes his way through the sanwsan ramon valley. --interstate 68
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good morning and is 6:57 a.m. the big stories we're following for people are recovering after being shot in lake merritt in oakland. will have the latest on the shooting. police in berkeley are investigating a fatal shooting a woman on a bicycle last night. the suspect information at this point. for a live look at san francisco where it is wet and it is a wicked commute. this is one of a number of hot spots that george will keep you posted number of hot spots that george will keep you posted on a you won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years.
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